Research shows some symptoms of Postural Weakness are:

Headaches, Thyroid conditions, High/Low Blood Pressure, Numbness in arms/legs, Poor Circulation, Weakness in Extremities, Asthma/Allergies, Heartburn/Indigestion, Cancer, Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s, Mental Sluggishness, Fatigue, Heart Attacks, Shortness of Breath, Menstrual Irregularities, Swelling in feet/ankles, Depression, Visual Disturbances, Hearing disturbances, Bladder Incontinence, Skin Conditions, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia: to name a few.

Research from Autopsies:

  1. All age groups exhibited multiple levels of nerve damage.
  2. Organs supplied by the damaged nerves revealed pathological changes.
  3. The more serious the nerve damage, the more serious the organ damage.

– Henry Winsor, M.D. research pathologist

Children & Birth

“Research indicates that the major cause of spinal subluxation in infants is childbirth.  Stressing the need for correction fron birth so that irreversible degeneration does not occure.  Nerve system injury through cervical spine trauma at birth cuases abnormal function, abnormal behavior and early death (SIDS)”.

– Abraham Towbin M.D. Harvard Medical School

BIRTH TRAUMA – Medical studies show that trauma to the upper cervical spine during delivery causes two (2) problems.

  1. Lowers immune resistance.
  2. Causes the spine to grow ABNORMALLY. i.e. scoliosis (abnormal development of the spinal curvatures)

Proper development of the normal curvatures is ESSENTIAL for lifelong health.

Gutmann, a German medical doctor studied 1,000 infants and discovered that trauma to the upper cervical spine caused many health problems beginning in childhood due to lowered resistance to disease.  By realigning the neck “they were able to eliminate these conditions of lowered resistance”.


“No operation in any field of surgery leaves in its wake more human wreckage than surgery on the lumbar discs. The situation becomes even more pathetic in the realization that at the start, in most instances, is a healthy, self-sufficient individual. Many of these patients are subjected to numerous operations, and after each operation, the patient is worse”.

– Anthony D. DePalma, M.D. Professor of Orthopedic Surgery Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University


Today in this country (USA) the majority of people die from  2 major diseases!

 Cause of Death: HEART ATTACKS

1:2 people die from heart attacks.
60% of heart attack victims, the first symptom is death.
Heart failure is one of the fastest growing diseases in this country today.

 Cause of Death: CANCER

1:3 people die from cancer.
40 years ago it was 1:30 people died.
$60 Billion/year is spent annually for treatment and research to cure cancer.

The Nervous System

“The Nervous System Control and Coordinates all the Systems of the Body and Relates the Individual to Their Environment”.

– Gray’s Anatomy, 24th edition, pp. 4

YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM – The spinal cord carries energy from the brain, through the spine like a river to ALL organs, tissues and cells of the body.  Each cell is TOTALLY DEPENDENT on that energy to stay alive and healthy.

Sympathetic Segmental Disturbances

Henry Winsor, M.D. research pathologist  ▬ DOWNLOAD PDF