Written Testimonials

Pam Grace – Migraines

How do you sum up something that changed your life in one paragraph?? I can do it in just 3 words… Advanced Spinal Rejuvenation.

I suffered with headaches from the time I was a small child. Was diagnosed with migraines, cluster, tension, etc. Went to see every type of doctor, and had every treatment imaginable, including Botox injections in my head, a surgical procedure to biopsy part of my temporal artery and dental appliances. Have spent SO much money at other chiropractors only to see a temporary relief…and then back to the same pain. Prescription migraine meds were costing hundreds of dollars each month, and didn’t even last through the month. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I had completely given up hope. I knew each day that at some point I would lay my head down and wonder why this was happening to me. It was hard on my family and friends, because the bottom line is that as much as everyone cares, after a while, they become immune to it. I suffered alone. I am not writing this because I like to talk about the bad… I would rather tell you about the good.

When a friend introduced me to Dr. Brent, I was skeptical to say the least. I had been there and done that. I really wasn’t interested in hearing any more stories about how someone could “help” me. How it could “change my life”. I had heard it all before, and quite frankly I didn’t believe it. But this was different…the plan was different, the treatment was different. Could it be possible that it was just different enough that it might actually work?

I have been headache free for over a year now. I have not taken migraine meds in over a year now. To answer my own question… YES, it is just different enough to work. I am not perfect… I still have good days and bad days. Dr. Brent says it took 40 years for my body to get this way, and it is not going to heal itself overnight. But the difference in my life is unbelievable.

Take a chance on something a bit different. I truly believe in the treatment I receive at Advanced Spinal Rejuvenation, and will always be grateful to Dr. Brent for all he has done for me.

Teressa Gleeson

Thirty three years ago I fractured the 5th & 6th vertebrae of my neck in a car accident.  I came very close to being paralyzed.  In 2010, I had surgery to fuse the 5th, 6th and 7th vertebrae, which left me with a breathless feeling in my throat.  At times I had difficulty talking.

When I finally went to see Dr. Brent Berlener, I was on a waiting list to see the orthopedic surgeon who had performed my neck surgery and was already 6 months in severe pain, and yet I only went because my sister (a patient of his) nagged me the whole time!

I’ve been his patient 4 1⁄2 months now, and I’ve received SO much relief; more than I ever expected!  The breathless feeling is gone, my mind and eyesight are so much clearer, 7 months of leg & hip spasms are gone. I could hardly walk or straighten up when I first came in.

Before treatment, I had loss of appetite due to pain and meds that were making me sick and depressed and only lost 9 lbs in 6 months, not that I was trying, didn’t care anymore.  Under Dr. Berlener’s care, I started dropping weight. Family and friends, even my doctor noticed and commented on the weight loss saying, I look younger, move faster, stand taller. I tell them I’ve been seeing Dr. Berlener, a chiropractor.  They can’t believe that’s the only difference, but it is!

I feel SO ALIVE!!!  I’m so thankful he didn’t give up on me as others have done, or I would still be a zombie! No operation could have done for me what he has, and for ALL of that, I will always be grateful! He’s an awesome, caring, patient doctor, with a sense of humor! My little sister is gloating, now she thinks she’s right about everything!

Steve Flowers

I was somewhat skeptical when I first came to Dr. Berlener. For well over 30 years I had been under chiropractic care and was on the roller coaster. You know, get adjusted, feel better, few weeks later back to square one. When this new concept was shown to me I said, “Ya right, I’ll give it a try.” I’m glad I did! I can move freely, without pain and can get up in the morning without stiffness. Even my other health issues have improved significantly. When Dr. Berlener said he could help me, I’m glad I gave it a try.

Jacinda Borzych

At first I was a little nervous.  I didn’t know if it was going to hurt or what, but it really has helped.  I have been able to do things again without being in pain or worrying if I was going to re-hurt myself.  It has been one of the smartest things I have done!

Brian Dodds

My chiropractic care has enabled me to reduce my dependence on my asthma medication.  My adjustments have assisted in improving my lung function.

Ed Smith

I am a very active person who was involved in several car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and have sustained many athletic injuries.  I broke my ribs in July 2001.  My primary care Physician saw me for 5 min. and prescribed Vicadin.  This made me nauseous.  I met Ann Stahl at the motorcycle races and she referred me to Dr. Brent Berlener.  As time passed, my ribs felt better, however I continued to have pain on the backside of my ribcage and back.  Adjustments have proven to be an instant cure without the use of prescription drugs, which did nothing but give me headaches.  Since being treated by Dr. Berlener, I breathe easier, don’t get headaches, and feel much healthier.

Lana Fore-Warkocz

I have been a victim of migraines for nearly 13 years. Ever since I’ve been treated by Dr. Berlener, I have thrown out midrin, imitrex & every other pill and I feel great!

Keri Ross

Before becoming a part of Dr. Berlener’s office I was a patient.  I came in for lower back pain and migraine headaches.  Dr. Brent took the time to educate me and was genuinely concerned on my health and well-being and wanted nothing more than to help me. When the migraines got too bad, and I would go to the medical doctor, all that they would do is give me prescriptions that didn’t even help.  I didn’t want to put those prescriptions in my body.  He is the only doctor that I see, because he really fixes the root of the problem, instead of the symptomatic pain that the other doctors were treating. I feel better all around and find that my body tends to repair itself more quickly, now that I have let it, by choosing a better and more natural way of health care.

Sarah Benson

I’ve had severe sciatica off and on for the last twelve years.  I wasn’t able to walk without acute shooting pain from my lower back down to my knee.  I’ve tried everything from physical therapy to acupuncture, muscle relaxers to steroids, and massage therapy to pain medication.  Nothing took the pain away.  After a friend recommended chiropractic, I started going to Dr. Berlener.  Within the first three visits, I felt much better.  After about ten visits, I was walking almost without pain. Within the month I was pain-free.  I’m so excited to finally find something that works and I will continue with chiropractic care for the rest of my life.  I whole-heatedly recommend it to everyone, whether they are experiencing pain or a health problem or not.  Chiropractic is what I should have tried twelve years ago.  Dr. Berlener is the first doctor I’ve been to for sciatica who actually cares about his patients and their healing.  Thank you Dr. Brent!

Dr. Ann Hawkins-Hood

Dr. Brent does an awesome job.  He is passionate about his work and practice.  He sees the body as a working machine and he gives the body tune ups!  He treats the whole body and not just the hurt.

John Serafin

In just 7 adjustments I have already begun to have less pain.  In the last 2 days I have had less pain than I have felt in at least 3 years.  I cannot remember ever going 2 days in a row with little or no pain.

Cheryl Baumbach

I provide daytime care for a dear woman who has advanced MS.  For several weeks, I had accompanied her on her visits to Dr. Brent.  Following a fall on the ice, I made an appointment for myself because my aches were hampering my ability to meet her needs. Not only was Dr. Brent able to ease the acute pain, he helped other issues as well.  For example, continuing treatments have significantly reduced discomfort related to physical stresses caused by care-giving.  I’ve even noticed an improvement in my posture!  Plus any mental stress seems to diminish after an adjustment. Unlike other chiropractors I have visited off and on over the years that focused on acute symptoms, Dr. Brent has provided a long-term plan for truly “Enjoying Great Health.”  What once seemed only a dream, with Dr. Brent’s assistance, is now an attainable goal.

Nancy Rosselot

I have been a patient of Dr. Brent R. Berlener  for almost a year now.  In June of 2002, I suffered some sort of trauma to my lower back.  I was under a great deal of stress at the time and the pain was absolutely crippling.  I could not stand up straight and was unable to walk normally.  Sitting in church or even driving a car would cause my hips to ache severely and my legs would go numb.  I tried bed rest, heat, painkillers and muscle relaxants.  Nothing helped and I was becoming desperate for even a few minutes of relief from the pain. I felt as though I was a good candidate for back surgery.  I really didn’t think I had any other option.  However, at this time, my father was dying of bone cancer and I couldn’t think of taking the time to seek medical attention for myself.  The thought of searching for a doctor and waiting for an appointment and beginning tests and x-rays seemed so complicated.
In early July, I saw an advertisement for Dr. Brent Berlener’s chiropractic services.  His office was nearby and the list of treated pain symptoms was an identical match to mine.  With some amount of skepticism, having been steeped in the traditions of the medical world, I called for an appointment and was seen by Dr. Berlener almost immediately.
That phone call changed many things.  After almost a year of visits and adjustments and exercises, my back has straightened out, my posture has improved, and the muscles in my lower back have regained much of their strength. For the first time in my life, I am sitting up straight when I play the piano.  It is now uncomfortable for me to “slump” over the piano, as I have since the fourth grade. Dr. Berlener truly cares about his patients and he professionally demonstrates his knowledge and expertise every time I visit him.  He has improved the quality of my health with nutrition and vitamins.  My emotional health has improved as well.  When my body began to feel better, my mental outlook began to improve as well.
It has been a long road of visits and adjustments and I am looking forward to maintenance visits as my health continues to improve.  Dr. Berlener’s dedication to helping my back and posture has been invaluable and has saved me from the trauma and recovery of surgery!  A world of thanks to Dr. Berlener and his friendly, caring staff!  I still have aches and pains, but I know I’m on the right road to the best health possible.

Rebecca Carroll

Dr. Brent Ray Berlener is amazing!  I started seeing him a few months ago regarding scoliosis correction and back pain.  Since then I can actually turn my head to look when I go to reverse my car with no pain.  My migraines have almost completely disappeared, and my constant back pain has gone from a 6-8 on the pain scale down to a 3-5.  I don’t hurt as much after the gym.

His passion for his work is absolutely inspiring!  He doesn’t just crack your back once and say you are good.  We started with x-rays and an extremely informative consultation to help us assess exactly what my issues were and how to start addressing them.  From there he taught me several stretches and exercises to do at home.  He patiently explains all the different stages of a visit, the equipment used, and is happy to give reminders and assistance when needed.  His office is very well organized and utilizes the available space well.  It makes me smile to walk in and hear country music playing instead of some random instrumental hold type music.  The whole atmosphere in the office is inviting, welcoming, peaceful, relaxing, positive, and upbeat.  If you have back problems this is the guy to go see.

Nick Baker, YMCA Lifestyle Coach

I live a healthy lifestyle and work in the fitness industry, but haven’t taken the time to understand the importance of my spinal health.  Then it happened, major back pain from a normal activity that I do on a regular basis.  Dr. Berlener took the time to educate me about rehabilitation that would provide me the spinal health that is required for my type of lifestyle.  So much time is spent on prevention in every other area of our lives, but we neglect the spine and all its many functions.  I’ve learned from Dr. Berlener to take care of your spinal health and it will take care of you.

Kathy Anderson

Through education and Chiropractic care I am free of headaches, backaches, and earaches.  It is wonderful.  I appreciate the time Dr. Berlener takes to teach me; which helps me take better care of myself.  He is very compassionate towards his patients and passionate about his work.

Todd Schneider

I think he’s the best in his field.  He’s the best chiropractor I have ever had.  He knows his work and the knowledge to do it helped me get through the rough times of my pain and agony from my accident. So please get help from this doctor for your health and happiness and well-being from a guy who knows his business!

Michael Dougherty, DDS

As a dentist I know that the spine is not always a stable system.  From time to time everyone experiences an unstable articulation.  The truth is that not all misalignments cause pain, but they do alter your quality of life.  I feel better when I am in “alignment”.  I know that the T M joint is in a healthier state when the cervical spine is in a correct relationship.  I recommend chiropractic care.

Dwight Monberg

I came in about the latter part of February 2001 because of back spasms.  I was in a lot of pain.  After a few months of adjustments my lower back started to feel better and some of my other pains left me.  My health is much better and I am able to do many things.  Thank you Dr. Brent for making my life more productive.

Cathy Jo Moore

Over the years I’ve experienced a great deal of physical and emotional pain, which was only treated with various medications that only contributed to the discomfort and pain and effecting my emotional state.  I was introduced to Chiropractic care which has been greatly effective with my mobility as well as my emotions.  Chiropractic treatments have unblocked my energy flow where pinched nerves and misalignment’s in my spine were causing a great deal of pain and depression.  Chiropractic care gets to the root of the problem strengthening and healing the body from the inside out.  I fell at peace, stronger, healthier and energetic.  I can now enjoy doing things with my grandson that I am very grateful for the professional care I am receiving.

Richard Booth

I walk taller thanks to Dr. Brent.  No more day-to-day aches.  Life is good.

Bob Hood

My right elbow “tingled” and I had a numbing feeling in two fingers in my right hand.  I had difficulty sleeping at night and the sensation occurred even when I put any pressure on my elbow.  The problem was a nerve in my neck and after 6 weeks of treatment, the sensation was gone completely.

Nicole McDonald

I had been in gymnastics for a good ten years not knowing the symptoms of spinal trauma, until I’ve been out of gymnastics for 2 years.  Now that I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for 3 weeks, I have seen the actual trauma to my spine.  I feel like this treatment is helping my body be in the best shape I can be in.  Thanks!

Katherine Anderson

I’m a florist, so I work long hours, (especially on holidays) always on my feet.  I was living on Advil just to get through the day.  I finally went to see Dr. Brent, who took x-rays and sat down to talk to me.  He listened carefully and set an appointment to discuss his findings.  After the diagnosis, I was given a video, an adjustment and a lot of instinctive guidance to include exercises.  Now, 2 years later, I still come to maintain my newfound health.  I consider Dr. Brent to be a special friend who not only heals through Chiropractic but through his ability to show empathy.

K. Victoria Hertel

I had fallen last fall and injured a left hip, shoulder, and a jaw.  Then arthritis developed in this area and the pain continually got worse and I needed a cane to walk, as well as a walker most mornings.  Then I got a scooter for outings: zoo, museum, mountains, vacation, and trips.  Now I no longer need the cane for around the house or short walks.  However, I do take it to the mountains due to the uneven and rocky ground, which is not always smooth enough for me to walk on.

Helen and Jim Chase

Even though we drive 28 miles each way it has been well worth the effort.  Jim no longer has headaches and has a noticeable change in his lower back.  My back feels wonderful and the curve in my neck, while not changed much yet, had made adjustments where I stand straighter and have more movements.  Would highly recommend Dr. Brent.

Kent Davis

My care and treatment with Dr. Brent R. Berlener is something that I value and plan to continue.  The results speak for themselves.  Prior to treatment with Dr. Brent I was at times incapacitated for days with severe neck and back pain – directly related to body strain. Physically, I now have reduced limitations and broadened opportunities. My interests and hobbies include activities such as training, home improvements, and family fun.  During the past six months, I have painted the exterior of my home and added two new living spaces to my basement – “Pain Free”.  ‘Wow’… What a contrast!